Dental Cleanings & Exams


Dental exams and teeth cleaning are essential to maintaining good oral health. We recommend all patients come in for an initial comprehensive exam to assess frequency of preventative visits.

Your initial visit to our practice will consist of:

  • Thorough exam of the oral cavity
  • Soft and hard tissue exam
  • Full bone and gum evaluation
  • Thorough review of the patient’s medical history
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Digital images
  • Discussion of your personalized treatment plan.

Once all the data is gathered by our dental hygienist and dental assistant, our dentist will perform a complete oral and soft tissue evaluation. Information and clinical data will them be utilized to formulate a personalized plan that addresses your concerns and needs. This treatment plan will be designed to resolve any existing issues and prevent any new ones from occurring.

At Pure Health Dental, we focus on helping ensure you have a happy, healthy smile you love! Schedule a new patient dental exam and teeth cleaning for you and your family today.

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