Health & Wellness



  • Oral cancer screening
  • Pre-diagnostic services (assessment of the patient)
  • HBA1C- In-office testing
  • Blood glucose level test
  • Genetic tests for susceptibility to disease
  • Carries susceptibility test
  • Carries risk assess & documentation with a finding of low-risk
  • Nutritional counseling for control of dental disease
  • Tobacco counseling that teaches control and prevention of oral disease
  • Sleep Apnea Screening

Did you know that your oral health can give clues about your overall health and identify problems that are affecting the rest of your body?

At Pure Health Dental, we believe that taking care of your teeth is not only for a nice smile. We focus on oral/total body health practices as we partner with physicians for a comprehensive approach for the best possible health care solutions for YOU!

We are proud to be the first dental organization to offer to our patients Health & Wellness Days.

During these special events, we will perform a series of exams and tests for oral cancer screenings, genetic tests for susceptibility to diseases, nutritional and tobacco counseling and cessation programs. We will check your blood pressure and perform A1BC glucose tests, evaluate your sleeping habits as well as TMJ function, and we will consult with your physician if needed.

We are privileged and honored to provide these services to you as we strive to be a part of your overall health and wellness.

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