Pediatric Dentistry


Pure Health Dental recommends you schedule your child’s first visit by their second birthday; however, we will see children once their first tooth appears.

At your child’s first visit, we introduce them to the dental chair and our cleaning tools. We have found that an introductory visit where we explain the process and make them feel comfortable leads to a more positive experience and participation in future visits.

Our pediatric dentistry team focuses on providing education to instill good oral hygiene habits early on. The sooner children learn proper brushing and flossing techniques, the better their oral hygiene will be.

Throughout the years as your child grows, we will continually monitor their development. Keeping a close eye allows us to help with any corrective treatments at the earlier stages, preserving their smile, confidence, and well-being. In addition to our routine checkups, exams, and cleanings, we offer preventative treatment for children such as sealants and fluoride treatments to keep teeth healthy and strong.

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