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More than 80% of Americans say they want brighter, shinier teeth. If you’re one of them, consider teeth whitening. At Pure Health Dental, with six convenient locations in Bucyrus, Cuyahoga Falls, Garfield Heights, Seven Hills, Maple Heights, and Fairview Park, Ohio, the team offers both in-office teeth whitening and take-home teeth whitening trays. To schedule an appointment, book a consultation online, or call the nearest office to speak with a friendly administrative staff member today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why are my teeth discolored and stained?

Your teeth naturally change color due to the aging process. As you get older, your enamel wears away, revealing the inner layer of your teeth called dentin. Dentin appears yellow and the more it’s visible, the yellower your teeth appear.

Other factors that can cause your teeth to change color include:

  • Drinking beverages like red wine, coffee, or cola
  • Eating foods that stain, including tomato sauce or berries
  • Using tobacco
  • Taking certain prescription medications

You might also develop yellow or discolored teeth due to poor oral hygiene. The team at Pure Health Dental recommends brushing and flossing daily and visiting the nearest location every six months for a professional cleaning and oral exam.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening uses medical-grade solutions to eliminate stains and brighten your teeth. The most common ingredient found in teeth whitening treatments is carbamide peroxide. Carbamide peroxide is FDA-approved and presents no side-effects. It’s safe, effective, and provides near-instant results.

What are the types of teeth whitening?

At Pure Health Dental, the team offers several types of teeth whitening, including:

In-office teeth whitening

In-office teeth whitening can make your teeth up to *eight shades brighter in just one treatment session. During in-office teeth whitening, your Pure Health Dental provider covers your gums and tongue with a protective dam and carefully applies a whitening solution to each of your teeth.

Following application, the whitening solution rests for 10-15 minutes. Your provider then points a special light at your teeth that triggers a whitening reaction. They repeat this process several times until you achieve your desired results.

Take-home teeth whitening trays by Rejuvenate

If you lead a busy lifestyle and don’t have time for an in-office whitening appointment, consider take-home whitening trays by Rejuvenate. Rejuvenate is a brand of products made by Dr. Brite, an oral health company known for its plant-based products. It uses the highest quality, clinical-grade ingredients designed for calming, hydrating, and healing.

To achieve your desired results, wear your trays for 3-4 hours each day. Over several weeks, your teeth become whiter and brighter.

Does teeth whitening provide permanent results?

Teeth whitening treatment isn’t permanent, but with good oral hygiene, it can brighten your smile for four to six months. If you want to extend your results, the team at Pure Health Dental recommends drinking from a straw, quitting the use of tobacco products, and practicing good oral hygiene. 

Don’t wait to schedule a teeth whitening appointment at Pure Health Dental. Book a consultation online, or call the nearest office to speak with a friendly administrative staff member today.

*Individual results may vary